Our Services

At CTIS Cabling, we specialize in designing and installing future-proof structured cabling systems for businesses. Whether you’re a construction company building new offices or warehouses, an IT manager needing a network upgrade, or a healthcare provider needing to ensure secure and reliable connections for patient care and data transmission, we can help.

Here are some structured cabling services that CTIS can provide for your business:

Cat6 and Cat6a Installation

Our Cat6 and Cat6a copper cabling installations prepare your network for the future. Both cables support Gigabit Ethernet connections, providing reliable and fast data transfer speeds for your business needs. However, Cat6a offers some key advantages, such as increased bandwidth, extended 10 Gigabit Ethernet Reach, and reduced crosstalk.

Cat6 is an excellent choice for most current network needs, particularly for shorter distances. However, for demanding applications, larger spaces, or if you’re planning for future scalability, Cat6a is the right choice. Its significant performance boost and enhanced flexibility make it a reliable solution for your evolving network requirements.

We can help you assess your needs and recommend the most suitable cabling solution for your business.

Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Fiber optic cables transmit data using light pulses, enabling significantly faster speeds and longer transmission distances than copper cables. Fiber is also more secure than copper cables, making it the top choice for network security solutions.

Single-mode fiber is best for long distances with maximum speed and bandwidth and is ideal for data centers and campuses. Multi-mode fiber cabling tackles shorter runs (up to a few hundred meters) with a wider core, offering a budget-friendly solution for buildings and enterprise networks.

Invest in a future-proofed, high-performance network with our fiber optic cable services.

When you hire CTIS Cabling for your structured cabling solutions, you can expect the following:

Needs Assessment

Our expert team of cable technicians will assess your organization’s specific requirements based on its data and voice communication needs, technology infrastructure, and future growth plans. This process includes evaluating the number of users, devices, and applications used to determine the appropriate cabling and network infrastructure to improve performance and reliability.

Documentation and Labeling

Our cable technicians will ensure proper documentation and labeling of the structured cabling system, including new and existing infrastructure. They will then create a detailed record of cat6 networking cables or fiber cable types, lengths, and connections and label them appropriately for ease of management and troubleshooting.

Designing and Planning

Our team will develop a structured cabling design plan tailored to your organization’s needs, including a detailed layout, determining optimal cable routes, specifying cable types, building the necessary data racks and centers, and planning for scalability and future technology advancements.

Cable Testing and Certification

After we complete the structured cabling installation, our technicians will conduct thorough testing and certification of the network cabling infrastructure to verify its performance and compliance with industry standards to ensure that the network can deliver the desired functionality and speeds.

Equipment Installation and Confirmation

Our cable technicians will meticulously install and configure your network equipment, ensuring optimal performance and top-of-the-line network security solutions for your organization’s IT infrastructure. Once we install and configure your network equipment, our team will conduct comprehensive testing and verification procedures.

Project Management

Our expert technicians will oversee the structured cabling project from start to finish, ensuring that all cabling is industry-standard and installed on time. They will manage timelines, coordinate with contractors and vendors, and ensure adherence to industry standards and best practices.

Collaboration with IT departments

Our structured cabling consultants can collaborate with IT departments, general contractors, and other trades involved in the construction process, such as electricians, HVAC contractors, and architects, to ensure proper coordination and integration of the network cabling infrastructure with other building systems.

Post-Installation Support

Upon installation, our cable technicians will place stickers with QR codes so you can quickly contact our team when you need ongoing support, maintenance, and troubleshooting services for your business’ structured cabling system. We will address any issue, perform regular inspections, and assist with future expansions or modifications.

Receive a free quote on your upcoming structured cabling installation project.